Why ŠKODAs Are Great Cars For Cyclists

It seems natural that a car company that started out making bicycles should make great cars for cyclists. But do they? Here is a closer look at the ŠKODA Karoq.

ŠKODA’s story began 120 years ago when two Czech engineers started making bicycles before moving on to cars. ŠKODA has partnered with the world’s biggest bike race, the Tour de France, for the past 15 years.

Its cars are designed with keen cyclists in mind, and none more so than the Karoq. It’s the perfect SUV for serious cyclists who believe cars and bikes are natural partners. Here are the car’s bike-friendly features that will get any cyclist excited.

Custom-made racks

We’ve all been there: you and a couple of friends need to drive for an hour or two to begin a Sunday-morning sportive. But a lack of space means you’re forced to drive in more than one car, or get the train.

This problem is solved with the Karoq thanks to the custom-made roof rack that means you can comfortably fit up to four bikes on the roof, regardless of frame size or tyre width.

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