Ocatvia Wagon

The Octavia Wagon, a spacious family car with enough room for the whole family, plus all that goes with them.

From $51,990* +ORC
Octavia Wagon

Octavia Wagon

The Octavia Wagon, a spacious family car with enough room for the whole family, plus all that goes with them.

From $51,990* +ORC

Meet the Octavia Wagon

Improving a break through is an ambitious task, but at Škoda we never stand still. The new Škoda Octavia Wagon retains its powerful yet elegant build with a new design and enhanced features to create a car that truly means business.

The Škoda Octavia has always offered an exceptional combination of style and versatility. In the new model we’ve taken that one step further, with new simply clever features and state of the art technology such as SmartLink and enhanced driver assistance systems. Combined with the unrivalled space and luxury you’ve come to expect from Škoda, the new Octavia is both classically sophisticated and boldly ahead of the curve.

*Eligible for NZ Gov. Clean Car rebate of $1,460. Click here for further details.

Update on delivery times

Were sorry that due to global supply chain issues and a few component shortages, delivery times on Octavia are currently longer than we would like, for further questions please talk to one of the sales team on 07-837-3737

Unique design

In the all-new Octavia Wagon, the spacious interior and remarkable practicality are once again cloaked in a sleek, timeless design. The full LED headlights and rear lights provide perfect visibility in all weathers and are another of the car’s hallmarks.

Full LED headlights

The distinct front section is distinguished by a broad grille that segues into narrow full LED headlights. The optional Matrix function is also available. It lights up and extinguishes the individual LED sources in sequence, preventing other road users from being dazzled. This means you can keep the powerful full beam on all the time on your travels so that you have a perfect insight into what is happening around you.

Full LED tail lights

The two-part full LED rear lights are graced with crystal segments on the sides. They are fitted with dynamic rear indicators, which not only look great, but also make your intention to turn clearer to other drivers.

Perfectly balanced proportions

With its perfect proportions, neat surfaces and enhanced aerodynamics, the Octavia Wagon looks stylish and sporty. The all-new Octavia Wagon is longer and wider than the previous generation and can now be fitted with wheels that are up to 19 inches in size. The gracefully converging with the roofline are a new feature.

Enough room for the whole family

The all-new, even more spacious Octavia Wagon will cater to your whole family. You can easily fit everything you need into the 640-litre luggage compartment, with plenty of space left over for front and rear passengers.

Will everything fit in?

From now on it will. The luggage compartment has expanded by 30 litres to 640 litres, beating its rivals hands down. By folding down the rear-seat backrests, you get a full 1,700 litres. When loading the boot, you will appreciate its regular shape, longer floor area and numerous simply clever solutions to keep your cargo safely fixed in place: Four hooks, three nets, a double floor and Velcro cargo elements.

Even roomier interior

With the all-new Octavia Wagon, passengers benefit from unrivalled space in every direction. Sit comfortably at the wheel and enjoy even more headroom, shoulder room and elbow room. With so much space on the rear seats, you can swing one leg over the other – the remarkable legroom has been increased even more in the new generation.

Practical compartments at your fingertips

The all-new Octavia Wagon’s interior is brimming with practical storage space, including 1.5 l bottle holders in the doors, a large jumbo box under the armrest, and pockets on the front-seat backrests. As a result, all those little necessities that your family carries around will be elegantly tidied away, but always to hand.

Industry-leading safety

Travel without worry, whether you’re elbowing your way through the congested city streets or cruising out on the open road. The Octavia Wagon features several new driver-assistance systems. These, along with the nine airbags, and the maximum 5-star Euro NCAP rating, take passenger protection to the next level.

The 5-star Octavia

The Euro NCAP has awarded the Škoda Octavia the highest possible rating of five stars, thereby certifying that the car offers optimum protection for all those on board.

In the child occupant protection category, the Octavia received a score of 88% of all possible points. This ranked the Octavia at the top end of all cars tested. In the adult occupant protection category, the Octavia scored 92%.

Front assist with collision avoidance assist

The front assist is a collision-alert safety system. Faced with an unavoidable collision, it applies the brakes to minimise the consequences. It also performs an emergency stop if a pedestrian or cyclist dangerously attempts to cross the path of the car.

In a critical situation where front assist intervenes by braking and the driver indicates they are taking evasive action by the way they move the steering wheel, collision avoidance assist makes targeted interventions in the steering to help drive around the obstacle.

Side assist

Thanks to two radar sensors at the rear of the car, the side assist detects vehicles approaching from behind or that are in the car’s blind spot. You are informed of this using an LED signal on the inside of the wing mirror housings. Side assist can detect vehicles up to 70m away and thus also effectively warns you of hazardous situations on motorways and dual carriageways.

Exit warning

This new safety feature is another of side assist’s complementary functions. Exit warning visually and acoustically warns you and other passengers, when, for example, you are exiting a parallel parked car, if opening the door could result in a collision with another vehicle, a cyclist or an electric scooter. Exit warning makes use of side assist’s rear radars and monitors the area behind and along the sides of the car up to a distance of 35m.

Crew protect assist

The system pre-tensions the front seat belts in the event of imminent collision or in unstable driving situations and engages with the ESC to close the side windows almost fully in order to prevent foreign objects from entering the vehicle. The systém works with the front and rear radars and the rollover sensor.

Lane assist

This assist is designed to keep you in the centre of the lane. This system works in conjunction with a camera to recognise lane markings on the road, including yellow lines during roadworks, traffic cones, and other roadside or lane borders.

Emergency assist

Emergency assist reduces risk of an incident if the driver is not feeling well. If adaptive lane assist detects that the driver does not have hands on the steering wheel even after a warning alert, emergency assist is activated, decelerates the car to halt while keeping it in lane and activating the hazard warning lights.


Open or close the door, start or stop the engine, all without having to search for your key? That is the comfort provided by the optional KESSY system. Simply pull the door handle and the vehicle will unlock automatically. Start the car by pushing the button located to the right of the steering column.

Front and rear parking sensors

Parking the Octavia Wagon is easy due to its excellent manoeuvrability. What is more, you can be assisted by parking sensors integrated in the rear and front bumper, which check the car’s distance from any obstacles.

Driver and passenger airbags

They protect the driver and the passenger from injury in case of impact.

Driver and passenger airbags

They protect the driver and the passenger from injury in case of impact.

Driver and passenger airbags

They protect the driver and the passenger from injury in case of impact.

Remain connected even when on the go

The new generation infotainment system with wireless charging and Smartlink connecting offer a hassle-free solution for connecting and charging your mobile phone.

Columbus infotainment system

The top of the range in infotainment is the freestanding 10” columbus system, which can be touch, gesture or voice controlled. The standard radio is accompanied by navigation, a connection to your phone via the SmartLink interface (Apple CarPlay, Andriod Auto and MirrorLink), and the possibility of playing online radio stations. You can zoom in on a map or control the volume with the touch-slider.

Ambient lighting

With the Octavia Wagon infotainment system is fitted with additional ambient lighting colours, giving you the opportunity to customise and look and feel of the interior cabin.

Natural voice control

With the Laura voice assistant, your car will be hanging on your every word. Now you can control the car with Laura, an assistant who understands normal speech. Laura will help you to control the navigation, media, infotainment, air-conditiong and text messages, while letting you concentrate better on the driving.

Up to 5 USB-C ports

The Octavia Wagon is equipped as standard with a total of 5 USB-C ports: two modern illuminated front USB-C ports for data transmission and recharging and three additional USB-C ports – one by the rear-view mirror to charge a camera and two for rear passengers to charge their devices.

Umbrella in door

The Škoda Octavia Wagon has an umbrella compartment in both front doors, allowing for the storage of two umbrellas. The compartments are water-resistant so that damp umbrellas can be stored here, and water from them is drained outside the car.

Electric child safety lock

Using the mechanical rear-door child safety lock requires foresight when you’re sometimes in the car with children, other times with adults. You can activate and deactivate the rear-door locks electronically from the driver’s seat whenever you need to.

Automatic retractable cover

The automatic retractable cover perfectly covers anything you are carrying in the luggage compartment. Its main advantage comes into play when you want to put something in or take something out of the boot. After the tailgate is opened, the cover automatically moves back one notch.

Boot nets

Boot nets are designed to secure transported items and prevent them from sliding around when the vehicle is on the move. The elastic material has undergone strength tests and is designed to hold items weighing up to 1.5 kg. The nets are fitted by hooking them onto the lashing eyes in the luggage compartment.

Adjustable false boot floor

The adjustable false boot floor allows you to divide the boot into two different positions. Simply pull out the loading floor to bring it into the lower position. The system delivers convenient storage space.

Mobile phone pockets

The pockets on the rear side of the front-seat backrests are great for storage. But they are a little too big for a small smartphone. The Octavia Wagon resolves this with an additional little pocket that is perfect for rear passengers’ phones.

1.5 litre bottle holder in front doors

We understand that the road seems much longer if everyone is feeling dry and thirsty. That’s why there’s a special space in the front door panel to store a full 1.5 litre bottle of water. It will sit there safely without getting squashed, ready for when you need it.

1.5 litre bottle holder in rear doors

As well as the large space to store a water bottle in the front doors, there’s further capacity in the rear doors, too, perfectly designed to hold a 1.5 litre bottle securely while not in use.

Jumbo box with adjustable armrest

The Jumbo Box is a practical storage compartment located in the adjustable armrest between the front seats, and is easily accessible by the driver and the co-driver.

USB-C in the rear-view mirror

If you use a dash cam to record the traffic in front of you, you will appreciate the additional USB-C connector by the rear-view mirror. This means you will have a power source right by the camera and you will avoid those long cables all over the place.

Digital dash

A perfect overview is provided by the freely programmable digital dash – 10.25″ digital instrument cluster, which offers a choice of five display layouts. On-board instrument data along with other information, such as navigation, media playback and phone, are displayed on beautiful 10.25″ digital display.

Phone box with wireless charging

The phone box is a mobile phone storage compartment in the centre console that enables mobile calls even when the signal is weak. The phone box can also charge a smartphone that is no more than 160 x 80 mm in size using the Qi wireless standard.


Power Output – kW @ rpm
110 @ 5000
180 @ 5000 – 6500
Fuel Efficiency L/100 kmPetrol 5.7Petrol 6.6
Transmission8 Speed Auto7 Speed DSG
Drive Train
Two Wheel Drive
Two Wheel Drive
MRP$51,990* +ORC$60,990* +ORC
Spec SheetSpec sheet ›Spec sheet ›

New Zealand Government Clean Car rebates/ fees may apply for new vehicles sold from 1st April 2022. Values stated should be taken as guidance only and may be subject to change without notice. For further details, see https://www.skoda.co.nz/cleancar. Used / demonstrator vehicle pricing may be affected by rebates and fees, please contact our team for further information.

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