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Whether it be a family holiday, the big weekly shop or a trip to the country with a mountain bike in the boot: the new ŠKODA OCTAVIA SCOUT wagon is the perfect vehicle for many occasions.

Featuring the Rough-Road package as standard, including underbody protection and 15 mm more ground clearance, the OCTAVIA SCOUT is ideally suited to off-road driving, and is a popular choice for towing a caravan or boat trailer.

Coming to New Zealand soon.

Appearance matters

The SCOUT version of the OCTAVIA is complemented by body features that add a dash of robustness to the car’s innate sleekness. This instantly gives away its versatility, which all but invites you to set off in search of new adventures.

Efficient all-wheel drive

The ŠKODA OCTAVIA SCOUT is available exclusively with all-wheel drive. The all-wheel-drive system delivers a big increase in traction, stability and driving safety – even off-road.

It will take care of you

The ŠKODA OCTAVIA SCOUT’s spacious, well-appointed interior, complete with wide-ranging connectivity options, will see to your comfort on all your journeys. Whether you are commuting to work during the week or headed for the mountains on holiday.

Simply clever inside and out

Umbrella in door

Ice scraper with tread depth measurement

Electric child safety lock

Mobile phone pockets

The pockets on the rear side of the front-seat backrests are great for storage. But they are a little too big for a small smartphone. The OCTAVIA SCOUT resolves this with an additional little pocket that is perfect for rear passengers’ phones.


1.5-litre bottle holders in front doors

1.5-litre bottle holders in rear doors

Jumbo Box with adjustable armrest

USB-C in the rear-view mirror

If you use a dash cam to record the traffic in front of you, you will appreciate the additional USB-C connector by the rear-view mirror. This means you will have a power source right by the camera and you will avoid those long cables all over the place.

Digital Dash

A perfect overview is provided by the freely programmable Digital Dash – 10.25″ digital instrument cluster, which offers a choice of five display layouts. On-board instrument data along with other information, such as navigation, media playback and phone, are displayed on beautiful 10.25″ digital display.

Phone Box with wireless charging

The Phone Box is a mobile phone storage compartment in the centre console that enables mobile calls even when the signal is weak. The Phone Box can also charge a smartphone that is no more than 160 x 80 mm in size using the Qi wireless standard.


Automatic retractable cover

Boot nets

Adjustable false boot floor

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