A kiwi favourite. The best SUV for any on-the-go family. Our new & improved large SUV with 7-seats & state of the art technology.

*For more information on the Governments Clean Car Discount Programme, click here for further details.

From $51,990* +ORC or from $156*p/w with Skoda Future Value (GFV)

New Kodiaq

A kiwi favourite. The best SUV for any on-the-go family. Our new & improved large SUV w/ 7-seats & state of the art technology.

From $51,990* +ORC or from $223*p/w with Skoda Guarnateed Future Value (GFV)

There’s only one way to find out

The safety and reliability you know and trust, now enhanced for more extraordinary Kiwi adventures. Are you ready to meet the new Kodiaq? Our family-favourite 7-seater SUV has been re-designed with new features to elevate the functionality, design, space, and state-of-the-art technology. With the new Kodiaq, there’ll be no more worries about having to leave anything behind. It’s simple – you can fit in everything you need. Experience complete comfort on any road. Explore infinite possibilities of adventure. Curious? Discover the new Kodiaq, book your test drive today.

Find out more about GFV here.

Highlights of the new Kodiaq

Bold design

The new Škoda Kodiaq is characterised by its perfect interplay of graceful lines, dynamic curves and robust appearance, making it instantly recognisable.

The New Kodiaq Front

Self-assured from the front

The revised headlights and grille exude confidence and leave no one in any doubt that they are witnessing the arrival of the new Škoda Kodiaq. The interplay of graceful lines, dynamic curves and robust appearance has spawned a balanced body.

The New Kodiaq Side

Strapping from the side

Viewed from the side, the distinctively long wheelbase hints at a spacious interior. Short overhangs, the gently sloping roofline and the finely shaped lateral swage lines give the impression that this is a large SUV in motion, even when it’s standing still.

The New Kodiaq Back

Distinctive from the back

The rear section is dominated by high-set wedge-shaped tail lights, their outer parts stretching on to the bodywork’s sides, and the distinctive Škoda name in letters. The high rear bumper commands respect, telling everyone loud and clear who they’re dealing with.

The New Kodiaq Grill

A lusty grille

The new Škoda Kodiaq’s grille reflects the brand’s design identity translated into the language of an SUV. The chrome-plated frame is trapezoidal, with 13 vertical twin slats.

The New Kodiaq Taillights

A crystalline design

The full LED tail lights are in the signature C-shape, affirming the brand’s design integrity. The outer parts of the rear lighting incorporate a distinct crystal structure visible from the side. The shape of the rear lamps has even been aerodynamically refined to improve airflow around the car.

Family friendly interior

The seven seats and the large luggage compartment are the most striking attributes of the spacious interior. It goes without saying that there is ample space up front and on the second-row seats.

The New Kodiaq Interior

Driver and front passenger space

When you get in the front, the interior gives you a warm welcome and quite naturally arouses a sense of safety and robustness. The dashboard is dominated by four large vertical air inlets, a large central infotainment screen, and a bold decorative trim separating the upper and lower part of the dashboard. The upper part of the dashboard is now graced with decorative stitching that stretches across the entire width of the interior and picks up on the line in the door panels.

The New Kodiaq Kids Space

Space for children

Your kids – infants or teenagers, two or five of them – they’ll all fit in the new Kodiaq. Škoda’s SUV is the ideal family car. It goes without saying that Isofix anchor points feature on the second-row outboard seats.

The New Kodiaq Storage Space

Space for everything you need to take with you

With the new Kodiaq, there’ll be no more worries about having to leave anything behind. It’s simple – you can fit in everything you need. The luggage compartment accommodates 270L when the car is fully occupied or 2,005L with the third and second rows of seats folded down.

Habit-forming level of comfort

You’ll get so used to the high-standard soundproofing and suspension comfort that you’ll never want to settle for anything less.

The New Kodiaq on the road

Dynamic chassis control (DCC)

The new Kodiaq features optional dynamic chassis control (DCC) with driving mode select. DCC allows drivers to customise the vehicle’s handling to their personal preferences: normal, sport or comfort – an à-la-carte chassis setup.

The New Kodiaq Transmission

Automatic DSG transmission

Automated gear-changing is essential for ease of control. The 7-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission is available in combination with all engines. Its main advantages include the ability to change gears smoothly at lightning speeds, while keeping to low fuel consumption.

The New Kodiaq Dashboard

Digital dash

A perfect overview is provided by the digital dash which can display on-board computer specifications in combination with other information such as navigation for example. You can choose from several specialised layouts, redesigned to enhance their look, that are controlled via the view button on the multifunctional steering wheel.

The New Kodiaq AC controls

Three-zone air conditioning

The three-zone air conditioning guarantees the optimal interior temperature. The driver, front passenger and rear passengers can all control the temperature in their own zone, enabling the whole family to travel in comfort.

Boundless enthusiasm

A large SUV is rightly expected to be a vehicle of great prowess. The smart all-wheel drive, off-road mode, hill-descent control and high ground clearance pave the way for you to venture off the beaten track.

The New Kodiaq Sunroof

Ability to explore

When you drive off the asphalt, you don’t have to look for a place to park the car. With its generous ground clearance, intelligent 4×4 system, extremely rigid body and set of electronic assistants for driving off the beaten track, the new Kodiaq will take you that much further.

The New Kodiaq Front Wheel

Intelligent all-wheel drive

With its intelligent 4×4, the Škoda’s SUV is equipped for every contingency. The new Kodiaq is great at driving on unpaved roads and gravel. The four-wheel drive system with electronically controlled multi-plate clutch deals with the slightest change under the wheels in milliseconds.

The New Kodiaq Off Road Controls

Off-road mode

The off-road mode button switches all assistance systems to a special setting for driving on unpaved surfaces. Once on, the accelerator responds less sensitively and the auto hold feature helps the vehicle out in tricky situations. Hill-descent control uses sensitive braking to maintain a constant speed when descending steep slopes.

Total connectivity

The new Kodiaq’s advanced connectivity will make everyday use of the car easier and provide you with all the support you need to make it to your destination in time and in comfort.

Kodiaq RS Connectivity

Wireless chanring and smartlink 

The storage compartment in the centre console enables wireless charging and connection to smartlink. Smartlink provides you with a connection between your smartphone and the in-built infotainment via Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink™. Play music, deal with your text messages and calls, or listen to your favourite podcast. 

Kodiaq RS Dash Screen

Digital dash 

A perfect overview is provided by the freely programmable digital dash – 10.25″ digital instrument cluster, which offers a choice of five display layouts. On-board instrument data along with other information, such as navigation, media playback and phone, are displayed on a beautiful 10.25″ digital display. 

Kodiaq RS Controls

Up to 4 USB-C sockets 

The option to connect and recharge external multimedia players and memory devices (USB sticks) via the USB-C connector is standard for the Škoda Kodiaq. An additional second USB-C socket is standard for radio Bolero and navigation infotainment systems. Two additional USB-C ports can optionally be added – one by the rear-view mirror to charge a camera and one for rear passengers to charge their devices.

Kodiaq RS Controls

Bolero infotainment

The Bolero radio is controlled via 8″ colour LCD touchscreen with resolution of 800×480 pixels. The display features proximity sensors: As soon as a finger comes near it, the system switches automatically to operating mode. Pinch–to–zoom functions familiar from smartphones make operation easy.

Kodiaq RS Infotainment

Columbus infotainment 

The optional 9.2″ columbus infotainment system offers the greatest entertainment and utility value, featuring gesture control, a DVD player, an SSD drive and 3D navigation.

As smart as it looks

Kodiaq Umbrella

Umbrella in door 

The new Škoda Kodiaq has an umbrella compartment in the driver’s front door, allowing for the storage of an umbrella. The compartment is water-resistant so a wet umbrella can be stored here. The water from the umbrella is drained outside the car. 

Kodiaq Sleep Package

Sleep package 

You can fit the Kodiaq with an optional sleep package, featuring head restraints with adjustable sides, so that passengers on the rear outboard seats can relax during long journeys. The package includes a snug blanket. 

Optional Tray Table

Foldable tables 

Optional practical foldable tables with drink holders are built into the front-seat back rests. 

Kodiaq Boot Access

Virtual pedal 

The new Škoda Kodiaq’s tailgate can be optionally operated by pressing a button from the driver’s seat, with the remote-controlled key or by pressing a button on the tailgate. The car can be fitted with an optional virtual pedal for touchless tailgate opening/closing.

Kodiaq Boot Liner

Double-sided boot liner 

The optional double-sided boot liner offers a practical and easily washable surface on one side, and on the other, elegant textile carpeting. The mat can simply be turned over to provide a surface suited to the load. 

Kodiaq Boot Hooks

Hooks in the boot 

The great variability and use of the new Kodiaq’s boot also benefits from two sturdy hooks on the sides. They are designed to hang items or baggage which would otherwise be unstable or would not fit on the boot floor. You will appreciate them, for example, when you go shopping or need to transport your sports gear around.

Kodiaq Cargo Net

Net system 

Thanks to the cleverly designed network of meshing, hooks and shelves in the boot, there is no need to compromise between agility and practicality. The optional net system with securing hooks prevents smaller items from moving around. 

Kodiaq Jumbo Box

Jumbo box  

The jumbo box is a practical storage compartment located in the adjustable armrest between the front seats and is easily accessible by the driver and the co-driver. 

Kodiaq Glasses Compartment

Glasses compartment  

A glasses compartment above the rear-view mirror can be used to store your sunglasses or reading glasses. They are protected from damage in their own dedicated pocket and you have the peace of mind that they will always at your fingertips. 

Kodiaq Front Bottle Holder

1.5-litre bottle holder in front doors  

One of many ingenious bottle holders is conveniently located in the front doors and includes storage for a 1.5-litre bottle. 

Kodiaq Rear Bottle Holder

500ml bottle holder in rear doors 

As well as the large space to store a water bottle in the front doors, there’s further capacity in the rear doors, too, perfectly designed to hold a 500ml bottle securely while not in use. 

Kodiaq KESSY


You no longer need to be holding your key in order to open and lock your car. The KESSY (Keyless Entry, Start and exit System) control unit recognizes the key up to 1.5 meters away from the car. The vehicle unlocks automatically when the door handles, or tailgate are operated. The engine starts at the push of a button.

Kodiaq Sunroof

Panoramic sunroof 

The large optional panoramic sunroof with a sunshade delivers plenty of daylight into the interior. The glass is tinted black, so only a comfortable amount of light and heat is allowed to enter the vehicle. 

Kodiaq Ticket Holder

Ticket holder 

The smallest things are always the easiest to lose. Car park tickets for example. A simply clever ticket holder clips them neatly to the side of the windscreen, in an obvious place, so you can reach for them when needed. They are also highly visible to anyone inspecting your ticket from outside the car. 

Simply clever technology

The New Kodiaq on the road

Travel assist 

Travel Assist integrates several systems and functions. When they are interconnected, the car can make driving a lot easier and increase travelling comfort. Once activated, travel assist can automatically stop and restart, keep the car in lane, or follow other vehicles in a traffic jam. 


Traffic jam assist 

Traffic jam assist makes it easier to drive a car in traffic jams. It starts, brakes and turns the car to copy the movement of surrounding vehicles in a traffic jam. 


Crew protect assist 

The system pre-tensions the front seat belts in the event of imminent collision or in unstable driving situations and engages with the ESC to close the panoramic roof and the side windows almost fully. 


Emergency assist 

Emergency assist reduces risk of an incident if the driver is not feeling well. If adaptive lane assist detects that the driver does not have hands on the steering wheel even after a warning alert, emergency assist is activated, decelerates the car to halt while keeping it in lane and activating the hazard warning lights. 


Adaptive lane assist 

Lane assist can tell when you stray from a lane unintentionally. The enhanced “adaptive” variant means that the system intervenes in an attempt to keep the vehicle in the selected track within the traffic lane, and the car does not “weave”. The adaptive lane assist system works in conjunction with a camera to recognise lane markings on the road, including yellow lines during roadworks, traffic cones, and other roadside or lane borders. 


Front assist with predictive pedestrian protection 

The front assist is a collision-alert safety system. Faced with an unavoidable collision, it applies the brakes to minimise the consequences. It also performs an emergency stop if a pedestrian or cyclist attempts to cross the path of the car. 

Kodiaq Side Assist

Side assist 

Thanks to two radar sensors at the rear of the car, the Side assist detects vehicles approaching from behind or that are in the car’s blind spot. The driver is informed of this using an LED signal on the inside of the wing mirror housings. Side assist can detect vehicles up to 70 m away and thus also effectively warns the driver of hazardous situations on motorways and dual carriageways. 


Park distance control with manoeuvre assist 

The system warns of the potential risk of colliding with obstacles during parking by drawing data from the sensors, the driving parameters, and the steering wheel angle. To avoid those parking situations where you don’t brake in time in response to the distance alerts, the new Kodiaq incorporates Manoeuvre Assist, a feature that stops the car to avoid collision. 


Park assist 

Park assist semi-automatically guides the car into perpendicular parking spaces, and in and out of parallel spots. The system assists you by automatically carrying out optimal steering wheel movements to park within the lines, you just have to accelerate and brake. Park assist can also finish off a parking manoeuvre that has already started. 


Rear-view camera with washer 

When reverse gear is engaged, the camera in the tailgate is activated and the image is shown on the infotainment system display. Dynamic guide lines laid over the image show the direction in which the vehicle would go with the position of the steering wheel or indicate when it should be turned. 

RS Lighting

New Kodiaq lighting

The industry-leading LED lighting delivers better performance and safety functions. 

The New Kodiaq headlights

Full LED headlights 

The headlights of the new Škoda Kodiaq use LEDs for all of their functions. LED technologies’ many upsides include their longer life and the fact that they are less of a drain on power.

The New Kodiaq Taillights

Full LED Taillights 

The full LED headlights are complemented by the very best full LED tail lights, which incorporate diodes to play every role.


The New Kodiaq passive safety

The New Kodiaq’s rigid body can be fitted with up to 9 airbags.


Driver and passenger airbags 

They protect the driver and the passenger from injury in case of impact.


Front side airbags 

The front side airbags effectively protect the pelvis and chest of the driver and front passenger. 


Driver’s knee airbag

The driver’s knee airbag stops the driver’s knees from contacting the lower part of the dashboard in the event of a frontal impact. 


Rear side airbags 

Rear side airbags protect the pelvis and chest of rear passengers. 


Curtain airbags  

Curtain airbags protect passengers from any impact to the side of the car. 



Price from $51,990* + ORC

The robust and spacious Škoda Kodiaq makes its undomesticated ambitions quickly known. The wheel arch covers and reinforced front and rear bumpers give all-around protection and bolster the striking design. Enjoy the confidence and economy of the new Škoda Kodiaq, offering the latest technology and seating for up to 7 people.

*Excluding on road costs. Vehicle is NZ Govt. Clean Car Neutral. Click here for further details.

  • 5-year warranty and roadside assistance
  • Smartlink with wireless connect
  • LED headlamps and rear taillamps
  • Lane and front assist with automatic braking
  • 7 seats are standard
The New Kodiaq Ambition Engine
1,4 TSI 110 kW 6-speed DSG
Top Speed198 km/h
Accelerationin 9.8 s to 100km/h
Transmission6 Speed DSG
Max Torque250 Nm
Fuel TypePetrol


Price from $60,990* +ORC

Rugged terrain is no match for the Kodiaq Style, which sports an advanced 4×4 system and a powerful 2.0 TSI engine. Handle adventure with confidence thanks to the adaptive chassis control with an off-road button, stunning LED headlights, and intelligent assistance systems to keep you safe in every situation.

*This vehicle is subject to a Clean Car fee of $1,093. Click here for further details.

  • 5-year warranty and roadside assistance
  • 9.2″ columbus navigation
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • KESSY – Keyless Entry and Alarm
  • Park assist – Parking assistant
  • Heated leather seats with electric control
The New Kodiaq Style Engine
2,0 TSI 132 kW 7-speed DSG 4×4
Top Speed205 km/h
Accelerationin 8.4 s to 100km/h
Transmission7 Speed DSG 4×4
Max Torque320 Nm
Fuel TypePetrol

Škoda safety

The New Škoda Kodiaq has been awarded with the maximum 5-star rating in Euro NCAP crash tests.

As one of our priorities in the development of Škoda cars is to offer you and everyone on board the maximum possible level of safety, Škoda models feature the most advanced safety equipment, protecting occupants effectively if there is an accident and even actively preventing emergencies from occurring in the first place. Explore all the systems that will ensure that you feel safe whenever you are at the wheel of a Škoda 

Skoda Euro NCAP

Meet the rest of the family

Kodiaq Sportline

Sportily attired 7-seater SUV for families who go on bigger adventures.

*Excluding on road costs. *For more information on the Governments Clean Car Discount Programme, click here for further details.

Price From $78,990* +ORC or from $269* p/w with Skoda Future Value (GFV)

Kodiaq RS

Set the pace for the thrilling performance of this powerful SUV.

*Excluding on road costs. *For more information on the Governments Clean Car Discount Programme, click here for further details.

Price From $83,990* +ORC or $293* p/w with Skoda Future Value (GFV)

New Zealand Government Clean Car rebates/ fees may apply for new vehicles sold from 1st April 2022. Values stated should be taken as guidance only and may be subject to change without notice. For further details, see Used / demonstrator vehicle pricing may be affected by rebates and fees, please contact our team for further information.

*T&C’s: Škoda New Zealand, alongside UDC Finance, are pleased to be introducing a new Finance initiative Škoda Future Value. Retain (Purchase the vehicle for the Škoda Future Value amount), or Return (Give their Škoda vehicle back subject to fair wear and tear charges (if applicable), excess kilometre charges (if applicable) and a return fee). Škoda Future Value is available on selected Škoda’s only through Škoda Finance. Škoda Finance is only available through UDC Finance Limited. UDC Finance standard terms, conditions, lending and credit criteria apply to any UDC loan. Škoda Future Value terms and conditions apply. If these conditions are not met, the option to return the Škoda for the assured future value at the end of your contract may not be available and the outstanding loan must still be repaid in full. A Fair Wear and Tear guide is available from Ebbett Skoda. The Fair Wear & Tear Guide provides guidelines establishing the standard the vehicle must meet in order for the Return Option and AFV to be available. This guide will be available on the distributor website, be available in glossy format at Ebbett Skoda for each customer entering into an AFV and be emailed along with the Škoda Welcome pack. Dealerships will have opportunities during servicing to inspect vehicles and establish if significant wear and tear is occurring and use this as a discussion point around trading to a new vehicle. Wear and tear inspections will occur through an independent third party at the end of term and the customer will charged a return fee which is a contribution towards this cost.

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