An assurance you can count on.

Introducing a next-generation assurance

Skoda Future Value Benefits are a great way in supporting our customers to Drive a new vehicle more often. With fixed payments, you can have certainty on costs as well as protection from changes in used vehicle prices. With Skoda we have options at the end of your finance term to Renew, Retain or Return your vehicle.

When purchasing a new vehicle, you will get competitive repayments as well as the continued opportunity to have the latest models in the Skoda range. If purchasing a used vehicle, the Future Value benefits allow you to upgrade to a new car within your budget and have surety at the end of your term of value.

Benefits are:

  • Competitive repayments
  • Flexibility
  • Opportunity to step up in model choice
  • Surety of vehicle value
  • Retain or re-lease equity (dependent on your situation)

T&C’s: Škoda New Zealand, alongside UDC Finance, are pleased to be introducing a new Finance initiative Škoda Future Value. Škoda Future Value is designed to offer customer options at the end of their finance contract:

  • Renew (Trade the vehicle in for the guaranteed minimum future value and renew their Škoda ownership experience),
  • Retain (Purchase the vehicle for the Škoda Future Value amount), or
  • Return (Give their Škoda vehicle back subject to fair wear and tear charges (if applicable), excess kilometre charges (if applicable) and a return fee)

A Fair Wear and Tear guide is available from Ebbett Skoda. The Fair Wear & Tear Guide provides guidelines establishing the standard the vehicle must meet in order for the Return Option and AFV to be available. This guide will be available on the distributor website, be available in glossy format at Ebbett Skoda for each customer entering into an AFV and be emailed along with the Škoda Welcome pack. Dealerships will have opportunities during servicing to inspect vehicles and establish if significant wear and tear is occurring and use this as a discussion point around trading to a new vehicle.

Wear and tear inspections will occur through an independent third party at the end of term and the customer will charged a return fee which is a contribution towards this cost.